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Shenzhen Metal Industries Ltd.
Master of Business Administration (MBA) in HRM
Israq Spinning Mills Ltd.
MBA or Equivalent Degree from any reputed university Result: S.S.C - Minimum 4.5 out of 5.00 , ...
Masters in any discipline, preferably Public Health.
Southeast Sweaters Limited
MBA in HRM/ Masters in any discipline with PGDHRM
Samaj Kalyan O Unnayan Shangstha (SKUS)
Master of Business Administration (MBA) Master of Commerce (MCom) Bachelor of Commerce ...
MBA in Management or Masters in any Discipline.
PowerPac Holdings Ltd.
Bachelor degree in any discipline Get Prefer BBA or BA English. Administration/ Protocol Working ...
Baira Life Insurance Company Ltd
Carlcare Technology bd Ltd.
Bachelor degree in any discipline Chinese language course

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