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Energypac Electronics Ltd.
MBA from a well reputed public university or top ranked private university. B.Sc in EEE prior to ...
Akij Textile Mills Ltd.
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from any reputed Private or Public University.
Masters degree in any discipline. Candidates only from public university/top private university ...
Myone Energy Limited
BBA/ MBA / Masters Degree in HRM / Management from any Public or reputed Private University
Singer Bangladesh Limited
B.Sc Engineer (Electrical/ Mechanical Engineering) from a reputed public or private university
Sarker Developers Ltd.
Hon`s/ BBA/ Masters/ MBA (Marketing) from reputed public or private university. (H.S.C. Pass Only ...
Project Promoters Private Limited
Mechanical Engineering from any reputed university.
ACI Godrej Agrovet Private Ltd.
B.Sc./ Diploma Engineering (Mechanical/EEE)
Victoria University of Bangladesh
Master of Science (MSc) M. Phil/ MS/ M.Sc. in CSE from public universities/ reputed private ...
A Reputed Garment Industry (Sweater Factory)
Graduate/ Post Graduate from reputed private of Public university.

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